My bathing costume has gone astray

img_8934It is a picture book winter, a winter such as the children always wish for. Snow and ice and on top of that it is really cold, so that the snow also does not melt away.
At last the hill behind our house is white and one can slide down witth sledges, bobs, plastic bags, which last year was not possible at all.

Only the sun is missing. High up in the mountains there is blue sky and sun en masse. But where we are, in the lowlands, there is a blanket of white mist, which lets not a single ray through. It has been like this for sometime, by now we are in the third week.

I could do with a little more light and sun, but that would have meant a day trip to the mountains and at the moment there is no time for that. A Plan B is needed. I decided on a swim and sauna. At 2.00pm on Saturday afternoon the indoor pool was surprisingly empty. I didn’t even have to worry who was swimming to my left and right, was overtaking me or wanted to make a dive, but could simply swim for an hour deep in meditation. And that was glorious. I could empty my head. The mechanical movements brought my soul into a state of gliding and the water and the warmth enveloped my body in an unrivalled harmony.

As it was so pleasant, I found it difficult to interrupt my swim. But as the sauna is open only until 5.00pm, I now had to leave, if I wanted to enjoy two sauna sessions. Reluctantly I interrupted my swim and, wrapped in my towel, I marched off with my wet costume to the ladies sauna. It was also relatively empty. I hung up my wet, dark blue bathing costume next to my towel on the bar by the glass door at the entrance to the sauna, took the second bath towel and lay down on the first bench. The warmth spread through my body, made me sluggish and rewarded me for the interrupted swim.

After 15 minutes in the sauna, I washed off the perspiration under the cold shower and entered the outside area. As I wasn’t wearing my glasses, at first I didn’t notice that icicles were hanging on the metal ladder leading into the water and, even worse, that the step was covered in ice. I didn’t have to wait long for the result. I slipped and fell into the ice-cold water. That’s what I wanted in any case, but the moment of surprise was great and I submerged completely, head and all. Whow, that takes one’s breath away!

I completed the second session, took good care on the icy ladder to the outside pool and at a quarter to five I was finished. I was the last person. As I was about to leave, I noticed that my bathing costume had disappeared. That was strange. Only when I walked through the rooms for the second time did I notice that another bathing costume was hanging by the showers. I inspected the other costume. It was a bit larger than mine, obviously older, because the rubber showed clear traces of wear and tear and in some parts the chlorine had left traces of damage. The costume was black and lettered, while mine was only blue. I thought about it for a moment.

Has someone simply made a mix-up? Or has someone swapped her old bathing costume for my new one? I will probably never know and with high probability I will never see my costume again. That was sad, because I am fond of my things, particularly of my bathing costumes. It is not so easy to find the right one, suitable for swimming and that I also like. As in the last year I have already had to get over the loss of a favourite bath towel, it hurts even more.

But to spoil the day just because of a material loss, for that I also had no wish. Therefore my plea: Ladies, please check your bathing costumes and if you discover that it is not yours, please send it to me. I would like to have it back!

Image source: Dr. Klaus-Uwe Gerhardt /

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