Michaela Merz

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My bathing costume has gone astray

img_8934It is a picture book winter, a winter such as the children always wish for. Snow and ice and on top of that it is really cold, so that the snow also does not melt away.
At last the hill behind our house is white and one can slide down witth sledges, bobs, plastic bags, which last year was not possible at all. Continue reading

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The theft

wollmutzeClara was standing on the station platform waiting for the next train. As she had often done recently, she passed the time with Snapchat. She held her telephone high in the air, so that it looked as if she was filming the surroundings. She was separated from the next platform by a deep trench and two railway lines. The platform was almost deserted. Far away stood a man watching Clara with a sour expression.

“Hey you“, he called in her direction. „What are you doing? Stop filming”.

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