Corina is 13 soon


I sat next to Corina. In December she will be 13. Corina is very pretty, with striking eyebrows. She told me that this was now very „in“, which of course was new to me.

She had a perfect skin and long, straight hair. I sat next to her at dinner. Corina scarcely touched the food and apart from a few leaves of salad ate nothing.


Quite probably everything on her plate landed in the garbage bin untouched. What a waste! Corina doesn’t want to eat, because in her opinion thin is a requirement for success. She is even planning, as soon as she is 18, to have the remaining fat, which only she can see, sucked away, because now her parents will not give their consent to the operation.

Corina is a clever girl with good marks. She would like most of all to become an actress, but according to her this has scarcely a future. Competition in the field is intense and at 30, or at the latest 35, an actress is no longer really in demand. Therefore Corina would prefer to study medicine. It is a secure, crisis-proof profession. A choice, where she can’t do much wrong. Her specialism is also clear, she will choose plastic surgery and practice in a rich country, otherwise it’s not worth-while. Corina’s opinion was that, if one already has everything, one wants to be beautiful, and with that one can earn a lot of money. If that doesn’t work, she can always marry a rich man.

I know that, when one is 13 years old, the world is complicated and confusing. It is possible that in 5 years Corina will no longer recognise her opinions. It is possible that she will remain firm and begin to change her visions into deeds. Because I do not intend to make use of the beautifying plastic surgery, I don’t care. I try to remember the time when I was 13 years old. I had megalomaniac ideas of saving the world and changing it positively. I wanted more elegant legs (and not so many muscles) so that I could wear mini-skirts, and fewer spots in my face. Money and my own career interested me only by the way and my own future was nebulous and ill-defined. But even then in our class there was Claude, who wanted to be rich and famous, and had steered his future actions in this direction.

It seemed to me that the vision of the 13 year old Corina, who saw money mainly as the objective, was someone narrow and frightening. My youngest wants now to be a clown in the circus to make people laugh, but who knows what will haunt his head as soon as puberty gets hold of him.

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