Michaela Merz

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The violin maker’s two sons

The elder of the two brothers was everything parents could wish for. Clever, kind, sensitive. In a word a model son. He liked going to school, learned quickly and willingly and for him the future was a challenge only in that he could choose from many options. In addition, at his father’s wish he played the violin and he played it so well that a musical career would also have been possible. Continue reading


A gut feeling

It is Sunday, the wind is sweeping over Lago Maggiore and creating small waves, sometimes with a sprinkling of white foam. I’m sitting in my Laser, a small one-man yacht, in which even when there is scarcely any wind one gets a wet bottom. I’m sailing from Ascona to Ronco with the objective of sailing round the tiny island of Brissago and then returning with a following wind to the harbour in Ascona. Continue reading

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Career Opportunities Teva Pharmaceuticals International: Manager VAT, Compliance & Transfer pricing

Anna Burton_IRE_2016_MB_06.jpgTeva Pharmaceuticals International GmbH in Switzerland is expanding and we are looking for our Finance Team a Manager VAT, Compliance & Transfer pricing (m/w) in Jona, Switzerland.

Business Purpose

The person in this role will be responsible for handling indirect VAT, reviewing Transfer prices from affiliates and to affiliates, coordinating with 3rd party VAT service, and providing solutions to Supply Chain Team. Continue reading

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Corina is 13 soon


I sat next to Corina. In December she will be 13. Corina is very pretty, with striking eyebrows. She told me that this was now very „in“, which of course was new to me.

She had a perfect skin and long, straight hair. I sat next to her at dinner. Corina scarcely touched the food and apart from a few leaves of salad ate nothing. Continue reading

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The gilded cage

PwC_fl_30mmh_cClaude and Lisa both went to university. Actually Lisa was the cleverer of the two. That was evident in the seminars they both attended, and their marks. Both were not only clever, but were also good looking and came from solid middle-class families. Fate had been kind to them. No-one was therefore really surprised, when shortly after completing their university studies, they announced their marriage. We celebrated together and welcomed their restrained but obvious happiness. Continue reading