I’m stupid!!!

I need to manage a lot of different projects at the moment. My calendar is fully booked and there isn’t space for anything new until the end of October. But when the call came in, I knew that it was an emergency and that I needed to help. I had to move all my appointments, had to apologise to a lot of people and arrange new meetings. Friday was thus fully booked out from morning till evening. As I travel a lot, I am well organised and I find packing easy. But because of this exceptional situation I had to take an additional bag.

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Our world in 2030

When I read George Orwell’s book, 1984, in the eighties of the last century, it was a lovely and at the same time ghostly experience. At the time the book was forbidden and you were not allowed to possess it and also not read it. A large group of us met in an apartment, in which I had never been in my life and we took turns in reading it aloud. We drank tea and ate pickled gherkins, because there was nothing else. A group reading is something wonderful, because afterwards one can have a lively discussion. But the story of this book is frightening and it sent a shiver down my spine. The idea that I could live in a society which observes me at every step and knows everything about me and corrects me, if I do not feel as the state envisages, was simply awful.

After we had read the book, in the last century we agreed that in the near future this scenario is rather improbable, because the state does not have the technical resources to observe its citizens so closely. That was a feeling of relief, but the fundamental discomfort remained.Read More »

Corina is 13 soon


I sat next to Corina. In December she will be 13. Corina is very pretty, with striking eyebrows. She told me that this was now very „in“, which of course was new to me.

She had a perfect skin and long, straight hair. I sat next to her at dinner. Corina scarcely touched the food and apart from a few leaves of salad ate nothing. Read More »

Tax Control Framework – Round Table Event in Zurich (28.9.) and Geneva (29.9.)

PwC_Swiz_Zurich_C_MB_40.jpgWe are inviting international groups to participate in our round table and one-to-one conversations around Tax Control Frameworks.

Many countries around the world implemented legislation demanding more transparency in the tax area or to have a Tax Control Framework in place. The tax function of the future will look surprisingly different from today’s. Fresh, innovative approaches utilising technology are crucial. In our round table, we will cover the various roles of tax control frameworks and best in class practices from leading multinationals, showing how they optimised their tax function and their report to stakeholders.Read More »

Grading test

630985_web_R_K_B_by_Didi01_pixelio.deMy youngest one plays the piano. No, it does not look like as if he will spend his future as a musician. But he has an extraordinary good feeling for rhythm and he enjoys playing the piano, even though he complains regularly, when he has to practise. He likes composing best. Just sitting at the piano and improvising as he pleases. Read More »

What will come in 2016?

Denise_pixelio.deI can remember how as a very small girl I walked with my grandmother through the autumnal park. Out of nowhere, a Roma woman appeared and asked my grandmother whether she should read her hand on what the future would bring. That would cost 5 crowns. My grandmother denied angrily. Read More »

The futuristic story of the taxi driver from Madrid – analysis

658100_web_R_K_by_lichtkunst.73_pixelio.deI refer to my Blog “The futuristic Story of the taxi Driver from Madrid” published last Friday.

It’s amazing to see that close to 100% readers voted that such a vision is more than probable.

Thank you for your opinion!

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The futuristic story of the taxi driver from Madrid

658100_web_R_K_by_lichtkunst.73_pixelio.deAt the airport in Madrid I went into a taxi. Before the taxi driver had been in an animated discussion with a colleague. He was young, about 25 years old, and told that he has a degree in robotic but that he could not find another job for the time being. As soon as he was driving, he started to tell me his vision of the future.Read More »

PwC Webcast: Tax Function of the Future

20151106_Tax Function of the FutureI would like to inform you on our upcoming webinar concerning the Tax Function of the Future.

Tax functions are facing increasing pressure to remain compliant in a world of challenging data collection and manual processes, leaving tax with little time to focus on strategic planning. Additionally, heightened expectations of internal and external stakeholders mean that companies need to become more agile in order to respond quickly to market changes.Read More »

PwC – Reshaping the Tax Function of the Future

The world is changing at a very high speed. Basics, which were valid yesterday, will become obsolete tomorrow. Rarely does a day pass without an article about taxes appearing in one of the world’s leading newspapers – and, more often today than in the past, these articles appear on the front pages of these newspapers. This is a sign of the ever-increasing impact of taxes in our world today. Read More »