Michaela Merz

What will come in 2016?

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Denise_pixelio.deI can remember how as a very small girl I walked with my grandmother through the autumnal park. Out of nowhere, a Roma woman appeared and asked my grandmother whether she should read her hand on what the future would bring. That would cost 5 crowns. My grandmother denied angrily. The Roma woman looked at her laughingly and I could see that she was missing several teeth. That felt scary.

She offered my grandmother that she would read the future in her hand for free but my grandmother did not want to.

We continued walking into the park, past the Roma woman. I asked my grandmother why she did not want to know her future. My grandmother answered that what should come will come anyway and she does not need to know in advance.

I myself would not have been much of an oracle but since I am more interested in the future than in the present or past, I think a lot about it and about what will happen. For a while I used my knowledge on investments for shares and achieved an excellent performance. But it was not much fun and thus I stopped it.

Now, at the beginning of the year where the figure 2016 is still fresh and new, I would like to risk some forecasts. Since it is written black on white, we will see in 12 months how good my forecasts were.

In June Germany will win the title at the European football championship in France. Usain Bolt will make the next gold medal over 100m in Brazil. In October there won’t be a stock exchange crash (such as in 1929 and 2008). In November the first woman will be elected as US president.

The commodity prices will continue to sink. Those who have calculated them as income in their budgets, will get into further difficulties. This will lead to an occasional increase of VAT rates but this also won’t solve the problems. In 2015 one could see this for example with the VAT rate increase in Japan, where the economy grew only by meagre 0.5% instead of the predicted 1.2% because the economy did not recover from the VAT rate increase.

Taxes will become more important, pressure in this area will continue to increase. A correct handling is essential, especially for decision makers.

In short, we have an exciting year ahead of us.


Bildquelle: Denise / pixelio.de

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