The lost grandmother

61657_web_r_by_matthias-weggel_pixelio-deI wasn’t late at all. I was perfectly on time for my next meeting when a woman approached me to ask if I could give her directions. She was looking tor Regina Kägistrasse. I had no idea. Read More »

What will come in 2016?

Denise_pixelio.deI can remember how as a very small girl I walked with my grandmother through the autumnal park. Out of nowhere, a Roma woman appeared and asked my grandmother whether she should read her hand on what the future would bring. That would cost 5 crowns. My grandmother denied angrily. Read More »

Encounter with an angel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe rather sad summer continues with a rainy Saturday. I am on my way home and I am glad that it stopped raining. From the shrubbery a dog jumps out and shakes the water out which he probably got from the little stream. On the path is an elderly woman with a buggy but that one was empty. And suddenly from the thickest shrubbery a little blond angel with wellies, black leggings and an incredible smile crawls out. She is wet too but perhaps a little less than the dog. Read More »

Good deed

I had a long flight behind me. Next to me sat a man of about my age. We did not know each other but we got along well from the start and had a good conversation. At one point I was so tired that I fell asleep. Suddenly I felt a light touch, which woke me. He had covered me because my small blanket had slipped on the ground. His touch was more accidentally than intended. Read More »