Tante Martha

DSCI0425DSCI0434DSCI0408DSCI0412DSCI0415I am privileged. The people I work with, are too. We have an exciting, challenging job. We deal with things which maybe in one months will be on the title page of the business journal as business event of the month. We are surrounded by highly motivated, clever, experienced people, where the entire knowledge about business can be collected with a simple phone call. We are encouraged, trained, made sought-after specialists. At the same time the team has a strong team spirit, is helping and supporting each other, if things get difficult.

This privilege cannot be taken for granted and God given. If one thinks about it, the need arises, to return something to society, to the less privileged. This way the thought came up to help at Tante Martha. But the help should not just be a donation but we took our rubber boots to help not just financially but practically, where it is needed.

Tante Martha is a farm, where farm animals can live a carefree life, without pressure to perform or pressure to supply. We came, prepared to deliver something at great speed. Already during the welcome speech and splitting of the groups we realised that life here has a different rhythm than the one we are used to. We collected rocks on the meadow, mucked out, fenced a small meadow, cleaned horses and walked through the forest to saw the dry branches. Everything under competent guidance and equipped with the necessary resources. It was really fun and felt really good.

For the work done, an excellent break with incredible treats was offered. Everything eatable was strictly vegan without animal share. It tasted delicious.

But most impressed I was by all the volunteers, who are there regularly, invest their weekends, help out, collect money, so that the goats, bulls, chickens, turkeys have it well.

We worked and achieved something, we donated money. It felt great. The possibility to do this is open to everybody.


Tante Martha


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