I knew two brothers, they were inseparable. They had a wonderful relationship and undertook many activities that went into the town history. One of them was smarter than the other but that wasn’t important. First their father died and then their mother, they inherited a large estate with huge gardens and office buildings. And their relationship was destroyed by money. One of them had received more than the other.

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Karl and his mother

They were always very short of money. As long as Karl could remember, at the end of every month there had been a yawning hole in his mother’s housekeeping budget, the result of which was that he had to take stale bread for his snack or in the worst case no bread at all. But Peter, Karl’s classmate, always shared his sandwich with Karl. So Karl was never really hungry. Read More »

Tante Martha

DSCI0425DSCI0434DSCI0408DSCI0412DSCI0415I am privileged. The people I work with, are too. We have an exciting, challenging job. We deal with things which maybe in one months will be on the title page of the business journal as business event of the month. We are surrounded by highly motivated, clever, experienced people, where the entire knowledge about business can be collected with a simple phone call. We are encouraged, trained, made sought-after specialists. At the same time the team has a strong team spirit, is helping and supporting each other, if things get difficult.Read More »

How to become a saver

When my youngest one (7) was born, the ZKB opened an account for him and gave him 20 Francs as a gift. Just like that. Without me having to do anything. I found that nice.

At about the age of 6, money started becoming an issue and in the course of my educational measures, he got a weekly pocket money of 2 Francs. It was funny at the beginning because he used to give the money away to his friends. I thought his generous manner impressive. However, then he noticed that I refused to buy him any sweets, he started to save the money, in order to have some money for “larger” expenses.Read More »

My life as PE teacher at the agricultural school

I needed money back then. And what is better than earning money with something one very much enjoys doing. When I saw the advertisement at university that the agricultural school was looking for a prospective PE teacher, who gives once a week fitness training, I thought that this was my chance.Read More »