Michaela Merz

What to do on Sunday in Basel with 38 °C

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My youngest one (8) and his cousin (6) play together well. But we had agreed that we will spend together an exciting, eventful day in Basel. This should not be too difficult because Basel has many things to offer. The only challenge is that the temperature is 38°C in the shadow. After a few steps in the sun one involuntarily becomes a sweat fountain. We thus asked ourselves what to do at 38°C?

One can go to Acero to eat freshly made ice cream. They have lemon, mandarin, tiramisu, white chocolate, strawberry, caramel, melon, cookies and liquorice.

One floats. And this literally. One gets into the Rhine and floats on the river. The current is rather fast and the journey not really suitable for small children and thus we just watch and bath in one of the countless wells with clothes. This is fun and feels great.

One goes to the museum of natural history. On the ground floor of this old building it is wonderful cool. One is accompanied by prehistoric species. Especially popular is the giant mammoth, who grants an insight into his stomach. As of the first floor it gets warm and on the second floor it gets unbearably warm. We thus ran through the insects and sea dwellers at Olympic speed.

Or one visits the music theatre and gets enchanted by Lion’s King. Countless colourful birds fly over the audience, giant giraffes majestically cross the stage, the hyenas live up to their bad reputation. Who does not know the song Hakuna matata? The rhythmic drumming, the sounds, the powerful voices, the brilliant costumes and the moving stories. The good defeats the evil. Better than in real life.

And if one runs out of ideas, one can ask one of the ladies and gentlemen dressed in blue. They are locals and can answer all questions. You don’t believe it? Just try it!

Bildquelle: E. Kopp / pixelio.de

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