Zoology once again

I am friends with Michelle. She is married to David and they have a little 1-year old daughter. Michelle and David met at the rowing club. They love rowing together, but with a toddler it is almost impossible.

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100 years of ‘Circus Knie’

We didn’t have any tickets for the circus performance and it was sold out. Reason dictated it wouldn’t make any sense to go to the venue and ask for a ticket at the counter. It was November, it was cold and rainy. To watch a movie at home seemed like the better solution. We went anyway.

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Iceland – Vigur Island and the puffins (Puffins, Ludin)

I saw many animals on our trip. Horses, seals, a variety of fish types, polar foxes and countless birds. I particularly fell in love with the puffins.

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What to do on Sunday in Basel with 38 °C

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My youngest one (8) and his cousin (6) play together well. But we had agreed that we will spend together an exciting, eventful day in Basel. This should not be too difficult because Basel has many things to offer. The only challenge is that the temperature is 38°C in the shadow. After a few steps in the sun one involuntarily becomes a sweat fountain. We thus asked ourselves what to do at 38°C?Read More »