The lawyer at the wheel

713346_web_R_B_by_Tim Reckmann_pixelio.deThomas set behind the steering wheel. Margrit did not like that. Finally, it was her car and she wished that Thomas would at least ask. But he never did that. Thomas was a lawyer and what characterised him best was the trait that he always knew everything better (or at least thought he did) and was always right. For his fellow human beings this was usually annoying and thus Margrit was one of the few who could stand Thomas for a longer time.

The car set in motion. The city of Zurich is full of areas with a 30 km/h speed limit. Margrit pointed out to Thomas that he was driving almost 50 km/h in such 30 km/h speed limited zone. Thomas answered that he knew this and did not require useless information. He also added that he was very familiar with the traffic law and knew by how many km/h he was allowed to exceed the speed limit at most.

After about five minutes a blond, pretty policewoman stopped them. Thomas was asked to show his driving licence and the car documents. Thomas could not find the driving licence. Margrit handed the copy of the car documents to the policewoman, which she had in the glove compartment at the recommendation of Thomas.

The policewoman said that she needed the original of the car documents. Thomas asked the policewoman to what paragraph in the law she was referring to because according to his knowledge there was no stipulation in the law which requires to carry the original. Margrit watched how the line in the corner of the policewoman’s mouth slightly deepened. It was obvious that this would cause trouble.

Margrit smiled apologetically at the policewoman and said that she was doing that upon advice of her father, in case of a possible theft of the car as she was travelling a lot and had to park in strange areas. The policewoman smiled understandingly at Margrit and said that she understood in case of such expensive car but the law requires the original. Then she added that she would not impose any penalty for this offence but just for the others.

She asked Thomas for CHF 20 for the missing driving licence and CHF 40 for exceeding the speed limit, after having already deducted the 5 km/h tolerance limit. Thomas could not pay because it turned out that he had not only forgotten his driving licence but also his wallet. Margrit paid and did not say a word. In fact she felt like screaming and then to ask Thomas to leave her car or just walk away from Thomas and the car. But she did neither. Thomas and Margrit just drove on.

Thomas neither thanked her nor apologised. And Margrit remained silent. She knew that if she were to say something, a dispute would be inevitable and she was not in the mood for it. As so often the lawyer Thomas had won but the human being Thomas had lost another point.


Bildquelle: Tim Reckmann /


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