Michaela Merz

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UBS: Buchhalter/-in oder Controller/-in mit Steuerkenntnissen, Zürich

UBS is looking for support. See below!

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Sind Sie ein Finanzbuchhalter/-in oder Controller/-in mit Erfahrung in Unternehmenssteuern? Haben Sie das Know-how für die Analyse von komplexen Finanzinformationen? Continue reading

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Red Bull Airshow Zurich

Red%20Bull%20Flugtag_HighlightLast weekend we went to admire the wonderful men and the few women, who flew in their flying machines from six meters over a high ramp into the Lake of Zürich. There was not much flying, but the fun this Saturday in July was immense.
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Nathan Sawaya versus Mutter Natur

DSCI0053 - Copy  Mit meinem Jüngsten machen wir gerne Entdeckungstouren. An diesem herrlichen Herbstsonntag haben wir uns für eine Reise durch Zürich entschieden. Wir nahmen unsere Trottinetts ‎und lassen uns von Lust und Laune führen. Auch wenn wir durch Orte fahren, die wir bereits kennen, kommen wir aus dem Staunen nicht raus. Continue reading

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Invitation – 5th Regional and Global Headquarters Conference, Zurich

  • Date:               Thursday, 19 November 2015
  • Time:               8.30 am to 5.00 pm, followed by an aperitif
  • Venue:             Kameha Grand Zurich,Dufaux-Strasse 1,8152 Opfikon
  • Registration:   Please click HERE

In the past months, all Swiss companies, including Swiss-based HQs, have had to cope with major changes – legislative, economic and fiscal. Our 2015 HQ Conference will explore the impact of these changes on the Swiss market and its historical strengths, and how multinationals have been successful in navigating in this turbulent environment. In particular, we will debate why certain business sectors and/or business models are better equipped than others to deal with these disruptions and achieve targeted results. Continue reading

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Invitation PwC Event: Driving Switzerland’s growth in the digital economy

PwC is hosting an asut (Association Suisse des Télécommunications) event in the PwC Zurich offices on 22 October on the topic of “Driving Switzerland’s growth in the digital economy“.

About asut (http://www.asut.ch/):

Asut is the association of telecommunication in Switzerland represented across all industries. Continue reading

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Swimming in a crowd – a late summer in Zurich

I grew up in Prague during communism. During that time, one feature of this city of more than a million inhabitants was its near complete evacuation every weekend. All my friends escaped to either a small vacation house, summer cottage or holiday villa. Most social life took place in small villages. On Fridays, the cars would be loaded up, a weekend of parties and dance evenings would follow, and on Sunday, the traffic column would move back in the direction of the capital. Continue reading

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Event 23 September 2015: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain – The Start of a Revolution?

Don`t miss the event in Zurich about:

The cryptocurrency «Bitcoin» generated a lot of positive and negative headlines in the media. Kicking off the discussion on the long-term capabilities of digital currencies and their impact.

Find all information about the upcoming event HERE