Michaela Merz

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The lawyer at the wheel

713346_web_R_B_by_Tim Reckmann_pixelio.deThomas set behind the steering wheel. Margrit did not like that. Finally, it was her car and she wished that Thomas would at least ask. But he never did that. Thomas was a lawyer and what characterised him best was the trait that he always knew everything better (or at least thought he did) and was always right. For his fellow human beings this was usually annoying and thus Margrit was one of the few who could stand Thomas for a longer time. Continue reading

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Oto and Henriette – a little Christmas story

677448_web_R_by_Andreas Dengs, www.photofreaks.ws_pixelio.deOto and Henriette were married for decades and the next big birthday for both would be their 80th birthday. Both had their health troubles but basically they were both satisfied and happy in their modest life. They had each other, valued and supported each other. Continue reading

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I was flying to Prague. Next to me in the airplane sat a young couple. We started to talk. They were from the US and travelling through Europe. They were enthusiastic and very happy with their journey. I asked them whether they had already been cheated or robbed. They looked at each other with a smile. Yes, they answered, we have. Continue reading

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An October Monday in Prague

Prague is a very vivid and pulsating city. There is a lot to see and, provided that one does not behave like a sterile tourist, there is also a lot to experience.

With my youngest one we went to visit the grandmother in Prague. After an exciting day with rambling, living sculptures, street musicians we just wanted to go home to stretch our legs. We went to the subway. The platform was full; we were in the afternoon rush-hour. The train arrives and the waiting mass moves in direction of the door. Continue reading

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Wissen Sie was Ihre Versicherungspolice deckt? Oder noch besser, wissen Sie welche Schäden sie nicht deckt?

Es regnet. Ohne Ende. Nach dem harten Winter, dem inexistenten Frühling, sieht es jetzt nach einem verregneten Sommer aus.

Die Bilder der überschwemmten Dörfer und Städte rufen bei mir grosse Traurigkeit hervor. Was für ein Leid!! Was für Schicksalsschläge! Continue reading

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No warm water

Last year a young man moved into our house. He works as a janitor. Until I met him I never would have thought how diversified and exciting the work of a janitor can be.

If there is nice weather almost the entire house community meets in the garden at the barbecue and then stories are told and people laugh. After this year’s endlessly long winter, spring with its warm temperatures and sun arrived. Continue reading

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Bloody Saturday night in Istanbul

Whenever my grown-up children travel abroad alone, I have an unpleasant feeling. I compensate my fear with repeated good advice to which my children probably don’t even listen any more.

My younger daughter went over the weekend to Istanbul to visit a friend. When I picked her up from the airport on Sunday, she seemed tired and paler than usually. I asked whether she had a good time and she nodded, I asked whether she had seen the Galata Tower and monosyllabically she said no. Continue reading