And again jet ski

594251_web_R_K_B_by_twinlili_pixelio.deThe weather was unusually changeful for this time of the year in Thailand. Almost every day it was raining, if only for a short time and it was rather windy.

I took a board. Equipped with life vest and a paddle, I went onto the sea with my stand-up board. With strong wind I don’t get very far, I amble along the coast, enjoy wind, waves and paddling. The wind started to calm down and faded fast. If there are waves because of the wind, the greatest challenge is to remain standing on the board. But I am trained. I may look as if I would fall into the sea every minute, but it just looks like it. Because in principle I stand on the board as if nailed onto it and I do all movements of the waves. When doing that excessively, it may lead to an overstressing of the Achilles tendon. But I don’t let it get that far.

As the sea calmed down and the missing winds have the effect of an iron, it is now possible to get further away from the shore. Then I see a little point even further away in the sae. It is the head of a swimmer. I wonder always again with what naivety or arrogance swimmer dare to go out into the sea that far. This swimmer does not seem to be a trained triathlete with swimming glasses and well visible swimming cap. He was wearing sun glasses and was swimming breast strokes. And only then I realise a woman next to him with a blue cap. Negligent, I think and paddle on. The wind starts to get stronger and thus I turn towards the shore. Then I see them come. About 5 jet skis speed towards me. I don’t like jet skis. Usually they are rented by people, who have to show off how good they are. It seems to be more fun to drive towards a point on the sea than simply going to and fro. Now they speed towards me. As the wind increased and it is challenging enough remain standing on the board. It is clear that I will fall off the board because of their waves, if they come closer. I hope for their reason. To no avail. They are so close that I can see their faces and in the last second I fall on my board and land on my bottom, only to avoid falling into the water. That hurt. They find it funny and circle around me. Because of the big waves my board floats like a swing gone mad. I cannot do anything. The board turns to a ghost board, not steerable and disabled. The only thing I can do is to remain seated, to watch them and to wait until they get bored. Water splashes into my face but inside I am very calm. I am not afraid and know that I am right. After some time the guys finally get bored. I behave so passively that I don’t offer any more reason for fun. The first one, apparently the leader, turns his jet ski towards the sea and the others follow him. I wait until the waves caused by them calm down, so that I can stand up and continue paddling. But in that moment my heart stops. The jet ski speed towards the two swimmers. I don’t know whether they see them at all. It is different to encounter the jet ski sitting on a stable board than unprotected, perhaps as a not even visible swimmer.

In such moment I find the helplessness the worst. There is no use in screaming or waving with the arms. Nobody will hear or see me, least the guys on the jet skis. I just stand there and watch, even though I only see waves apart from the 5 jet skis. Suddenly the jet skis are gone. I paddle to the two simmers. Thanks god, they are both there, swimming. I ask them whether they need help but they decline.

Relieved, with an additional shot of adrenalin, I continue paddling towards the sun.

Bildquelle: twinlili /

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