Michaela Merz

Oto and Henriette – a little Christmas story

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677448_web_R_by_Andreas Dengs, www.photofreaks.ws_pixelio.deOto and Henriette were married for decades and the next big birthday for both would be their 80th birthday. Both had their health troubles but basically they were both satisfied and happy in their modest life. They had each other, valued and supported each other. Hence they had something which for many of us is denied in life. They had it for decades.

Short before Christmas Oto had caught the flu and had to stay in bed. Henriette was tidying up, wanted to bring out the rubbish, fetch the newspaper and bring some no longer needed clothes to the recycling container. With both hands loaded she went on her way outside. She disposed the rubbish, threw the bag with the old clothes in the too small hole of the recycling container and walked on unburdened to the kiosk to buy a newspaper. Only when paying she noted that she did not have her wallet. She froze in shock. She had taken her wallet with her but because she had had her hands full she had put it into the bag of the old clothes, which was now in the recycling container.

As fast as she could she returned to the container to find out that it was impossible to retrieve the bag which she had thrown in before, as the opening was too small and the cover fixed too strong and also secured with a thick chain. Henriette started to cry because in her wallet were all her IDs, cards and for her a considerable amount of cash.

She went to fetch Oto but he could not help, even though he thought that he would be able to cut the chain with his tools. No, he could not.

Henriette called the police and it took a while until she managed to explain her problem. Then everything went fast. The police came and soon also a gentleman from the clothes recycling service, who opened the container, took out the upmost bags and soon found Henriette’s wallet. She was over happy and wanted to give him some cash as a thank you. He did not take it and friendly explained that it is usual that people throw something in what they did not want to throw in. He has to come about two to three times per week. Then he told that the week before he had to fetch a jacket, in which 50’000 were sewn in. Afterwards all said their good-byes and Henriette and Oto returned home.

Out of gratitude Henriette brought a box of Christmas goodies to the next police station. First the policemen thought the Henriette had to come complain but this misunderstanding resolved soon. Apparently it happens less often that one says thanks to the police than one throws valuable things into recycle containers.

Bildquelle: Andreas Dengs, http://www.photofreaks.ws  / pixelio.de

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