Michaela Merz

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My youngest was 10 years old

661248_web_r_by_helene-souza_pixelio-deMy youngest was 10 years old. Then one notices how fast time passes. I feel as if it was only yesterday when I brought him home the first time.

Now he has wished for a larger children’s birthday party. The list of the children he wanted to invite grew longer and longer and finished up with 25. Despite the help I knew I could call on, a group of 25 under-10s seemed to be a heavy responsibility and I negotiated him down to 10 children. Continue reading

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Oto and Henriette – a little Christmas story

677448_web_R_by_Andreas Dengs, www.photofreaks.ws_pixelio.deOto and Henriette were married for decades and the next big birthday for both would be their 80th birthday. Both had their health troubles but basically they were both satisfied and happy in their modest life. They had each other, valued and supported each other. Continue reading

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Growing old is not for cowards

Every time I watch my parents, whose next big birthday will be the 80th, a funny feeling creeps over me. I love to have them and to return in their presence over and again to childhood because my mother complains every time that I don’t eat enough and my father’s instructions are still the same as 40 years ago. Continue reading

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Being invisible

My mother is a spry lady with more than 40 years of professional experience as a maths teacher. She is not frightened, knows how to get her way, is clever and pragmatic. We had already celebrated her 70th birthday. She told me what it means to reach that age and how values, perception, horizons and also the body are changing. Continue reading

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Women and carrier

I was travelling again. On JFK airport in New York I witnessed a discussion between two women. Both around 40 years old. One of them told her story. She told that she loves her work and is successful at it and that she gets a lot of satisfaction from her work and consequently her career advanced well. A child was never really an option for her and she and her partner prepared for a life as a pair. Continue reading

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Sensapolis Boeblingen – the perfect children’s birthday party

Children’s birthdays are great. As I child I was permitted to invite two friends to my place and because it was allowed, we turned the living room furniture into a fairy tale castle and the flat into a witch land. Even though the flat only had little less than 100m2 and it was forbidden to enter the bedroom and the kitchen, the following tidying up took hours. Continue reading

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My frog Drapatka

At high school I had a persistent admirer, who gave me a small frog for my birthday. The frog was transparent and one had to feed him with tiny bits of raw meat. He caught the meat with his front legs, lifted the piece and bit into it. One could see how the meat moved through his digestive tract. The bigger and fatter he grew, the less one could see. He continuously lived in the water and I kept him in a small aquarium in my room. Continue reading