Michaela Merz


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Things you see at a movie or theaterPhoto_RGB_R_CAN_TR_D4_CM1_6796.jpgThe majority of people intend to marry once in life. Some marry never, other several times so that perhaps on average people actually marry once. And if I only do it once, I would like it to be something special. And that’s what Erik also wanted. He had left all wedding preparations to his future wife. She was better in organising anyway and had more fantasy. But the suit, his suit, that was his responsibility.

He selected the best and most expensive tailor in town. The tailor measured him in the front, the back, every corner of his body. Then they selected the fine cloths. Tuesday before the wedding on Saturday the masterpiece should be ready for a first fitting. On Tuesday however there was no fitting but just a phone call that the suit was not yet ready and they would stay in contact. Erik was busy and was not worried. But when nobody called on Wednesday and neither on Thursday, an unpleasant feeling overcame him. On Friday he called the tailor. He was informed that the suit had arrived but was blocked by the customs authority. Erik was surprised. First of all, he had assume that the suit would be made in the country and on the other hand he imagined what his future wife would say if he would step in front of the altar with her in his old suit, which was pretty tight anyway.

Then he thought of his friend, who had worked as a consultant in the customs area. And this Peter managed it. He pulled all strings in order to help Erik. On Saturday at 10am the suit was delivered. It was very tight as the wedding took place at 2pm. But luckily enough the suit fitted like a glove. That way the wedding could take place in all planned grandeur.

How good it is to have friends.


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