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Webinar: Resolve the dilemma between customs valuation and transfer pricing

Determining the customs value of goods is a challenge at the best of times – and even more so in the wake of a recent European Court of Justice decision jeopardising the practice of determining customs values on the basis of transfer prices. We have decided to hold a free webinar to help you tackle the inherent conflict. Continue reading

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EU – TP adjustments not any more relevant for custom value?

On the 20th of December the EU Court gave its decision in the case of Hamamatsu Photonica Deutschland GmbH vs Hauptzollamt München (C-529/16). Continue reading

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Switzerland: Electronic Customs Assessments – Changes as from 1 March 2018

From 1 March 2018 electronic customs assessment decisions (“eVV”) on imports will become compulsory for all importers. In future, “eVV Import”, the electronic alternative to the current yellow import duty receipt, will systematically have to be retrieved from the customs server. Companies that still receive their customs documents by post will have to make the necessary changeover. Continue reading

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Cross-border vehicle usage – Information for companies and individuals

Cross-border mobility and its legal regulations on vehicle use

More and more companies and private individuals are part of an international network, and operate or work in several countries. Cross-border mobility offers many advantages, but also presents a number of risks. Continue reading

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PwC’s live webcast on hot topics in topics in the are of Mexican customs – Customs valuation and NAFTA Origin

PwC_fl_30mmh_cThere is an upcoming webcast regarding Mexican customs valuation and NAFTA origin, which I think might be of interest to you.

PwC’s live webcast on hot topics in topics in the are of Mexican customs – Customs valuation and NAFTA Origin (11 October)

Continue reading

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Customs and global trade: Interview conçernant le nouveau code des douanes européenes

539368_web_R_by_Wandersmann_pixelio.deDepuis le 1er mai 2016, l’Union européenne (UE) a mis en oeuvre un nouveau code des douanes. Le point sur les impacts de cette réforme pour les entreprises suisses avec Michel Anliker, Senior Manager – Customs and Global Trade chez PwC.

Ce nouveau code s’applique à l’ensemble des vingt-huit pays de l’UE. Les entreprises suisses qui font du commerce avec ces pays sont donc touchées si elles importent dans l’UE, si elles y ont une filiale ou si elles font des transactions avec l’UE pour des biens qui y transitent, même s’ils sont facturés en Suisse.

Interview Michel Anliker


Image source: Wandersmann / Pixelio.de