Street party

I moved from the area ten years ago. There had been no reason to go back in the meantime. As far as the location was concerned, it was wonderfully quiet but off the beaten track. And therefore in the last ten years I have passed through probably only about half a dozen times. On a single occasion, more than five years ago I met my former neighbour in a shop.

Last Saturday there was a party there. It was advertised on sheets, which were displayed in the area. I would never have heard about it, unless my oldest daughter, informed by her childhood friends, who still live locally, had taken me with her. Not much had changed in the area. It was as if I had returned from a long vacation. Read More »

People I work with

People in meetingsBlue or royal blue blousePeople sitting at a table or conference tablePhoto_RGB_R_NL_JA_D2_01847I like to work. But the real difference if the day was good or not, has something to do with the people I work with.

I am privileged by being provided with the opportunity to work with the brightest of professional people on this globe. Read More »


DepressionGavril was popular. No wonder. He was funny and entertaining, he liked to laugh and could make other people laugh. One wanted to be in his company. He was a welcomed guest and did not miss any party. One of his trademarks was that he left the party as the last one after having helped tidying up.

He had everything one could wish for. A family with two children, a little house in the outskirts of the city, a job with which he earned enough in order to do the things he liked and many friends. Read More »


Things you see at a movie or theaterPhoto_RGB_R_CAN_TR_D4_CM1_6796.jpgThe majority of people intend to marry once in life. Some marry never, other several times so that perhaps on average people actually marry once. And if I only do it once, I would like it to be something special. And that’s what Erik also wanted. He had left all wedding preparations to his future wife. She was better in organising anyway and had more fantasy. But the suit, his suit, that was his responsibility. Read More »