The story of Leon (Lev) Roznanski

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis parents were from Russia. Leon was born in Romania and as they were a very wealthy family, Leon learnt German from his German speaking nanny. During the Second World War the family had to flee to England and on top of his three languages Leon also learnt English.Read More »


Things you see at a movie or theaterPhoto_RGB_R_CAN_TR_D4_CM1_6796.jpgThe majority of people intend to marry once in life. Some marry never, other several times so that perhaps on average people actually marry once. And if I only do it once, I would like it to be something special. And that’s what Erik also wanted. He had left all wedding preparations to his future wife. She was better in organising anyway and had more fantasy. But the suit, his suit, that was his responsibility. Read More »