Michaela Merz

Africa – Helping you navigate Africa’s VAT landscape

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Not so long ago, when we talked about VAT or more generally on indirect taxes, the discussion was mostly focusing on Europe. The accelerating changes in other parts of the world necessitate to widen the geographical area where indirect taxes need to be tracked. Indirect tax people with a global responsibility within their organisation cannot neglect anymore territories, such as Latin-America or Africa. Rapid growth makes these markets more and more important for all global firms and to act there in a tax compliant manner becomes also a critical task.

Following the PwC Guide on GST/SUT/VAT in the Americas, there is a new publication available to give you insight into the VAT system of various African countries. Please use it in your everyday work when becomes necessary and do not hesitate to reach out PwC indirect tax people in Africa if you need further guidance.

Navigating VAT in Africa

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