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New Billionaires Insights 2019

Long-term vision, smart risk taking, business focus and determination have resulted in businesses that have tended to outperform others financially. There was a dip in wealth in 2018. Billionaire wealth dropped 4.3% globally, after five years when it grew by 34.5%.* As the center of economic activity shifts towards Asia, the region’s entrepreneurs are playing a strong role. There will be many more winners and losers in the years to come.

It is difficult to predict the future but leading entrepreneurs are primed for a more difficult environment. But what will remain constant is the billionaire effect – the ability to transform entire industries, to create large numbers of well-paid jobs, and to rally the world to find cures for diseases such as malaria.

For details please read below. It’s really quite an interesting reading. Continue reading

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PwC Global ITX webcast – Update on Indian goods and service tax (GST)

PwC_fl_30mmh_cWe  are delighted to invite you to the next in the series of PwC’s Indirect Tax global webcasts.

Date:   January 30, 2018
Time:  1:00 – 2:00  pm GMT (8 Eastern) 



India’s GST went into effect 1 July 2017. So how are businesses managing compliance? Join PwC’s 30 January webcast:  http://bit.ly/India-GST

GST antiprofiteering prep: Is your business ready to comply? Join PwC’s webcast on India’s GST, 30 Jan: http://bit.ly/India-GST

On 30 January, join PwC’s webcast on India’s GST: We’ll be talking compliance, competitiveness, & prep for what’s next: http://bit.ly/India-GST

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World Wide VAT

Seit Jahren organisieren wir die Veranstaltung “World Wide Value Added Tax” oder verkürzt WWV. Die Engländer haben uns prophezeit, unter so einem doofen Namen wird dies nie Erfolg haben. Es klinge für Englischsprachige wie der fünfte Weltkrieg. Das Event ist kostenpflichtig, weil wir sehr viel Arbeit, Begeisterung und Herzblut hineinstecken und natürlich auch reele Kosten für die Infrastruktur haben. Eine kostenpflichtige Veranstaltung zu diesem Thema wird nie Erfolg haben. Das haben viele andere gesagt. Continue reading

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World Wide VAT

For years we have organised the event “World Wide Value Added Tax” or abbreviated WWV. The Brits prophesied that with such a stupid name it would never be a success. For English speakers it sounds like World War Five. The event is not free, because we invest a lot of work, enthusiasm and passion and naturally we also have effective costs for the infrastructure. A chargeable event on this topic will never be successful. That was echoed by many others. Continue reading

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Selling apples for Caritas Zurich

I had the great fortune to have landed on the sunny side of life. Favourable biological, family and also social conditions have all made a substantial contribution and offered me opportunities, which I have simply grasped.

I am well aware that my life could have been quite different. It would be naive to think that one could change everything oneself, if the starting conditions had not been so favourable. So I feel a great gratitude and humility for what I have. The people, with whom I work, are in much the same situation. We know that we are privileged. Therefore, we try to give back something to those, who did not have as much luck as we did. So this year we are selling apples for Caritas Zürich. An apple for 5 francs and the proceeds go to children living in poverty. Yes, they really exist, very well hidden in rich Switzerland. Continue reading

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Easy guide to your Italian business

We offer this publication to all those people with entrepreneurial spirit who are interested in understanding the essentials of the Italian system, with the hope of contributing to the success of their business.

A growing number of companies, both small and large, consider the world to be their market of reference. One of the prerequisites to accomplish this aim is to know and interpret local rules and regulations. Continue reading

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The EU Referendum – taking positive steps

PwC_fl_30mmh_cBroadcast date: Tomorrow 12.00 to 12.00 BST

Following our EU referendum webcast that attracted over 14,000 viewers, we are delighted to invite you to attend our next webcast in this series.

Our PwC experts will be highlighting the main themes we are hearing from clients since the decision was made to leave the EU. They will also cover the key issues businesses are now considering and the positive steps they can take to address them, both in the short and long term. Continue reading