We are hiring! (Senior) Manager– EU Customs Consulting 100% in Basel

Your tasks

  • You will provide customs and foreign trade consulting services to Swiss and international clients.
  • You will help our clients in analyzing and reviewing international supply chain transactions from a customs perspective (especially EU customs).
  • You will have contact with clients, local and foreign Customs Authorities as well as with Customs, Trade and VAT experts from our international PwC network.
  • You are working in our VAT and Customs team in Basel.
  • You will participate in the development of our indirect tax / Customs practice.
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Taiwan – New pre-clearance mechanism for e-commerce purchases

Taiwan Customs has implemented a real-name authentication mechanism since May 2020. Unlike other countries where third party logistics providers are able to import goods on behalf of customers, Taiwan Customs requires customers to be the formal importer of record (IOR). This means customers will need to declare their imports through an app called EZ WAY.

Under this mechanism, if a buyer fails to complete the authentication through the EZ WAY application or attach paper customs documents for real-name authentication, the importer will receive a “yellow flag” warning for the first violation.

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Singapore – Cessation of physical endorsement of permits

With effect from 1 February 2022, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the cargo checkpoints will stop manual endorsements of Cargo Clearance Permits (CCPs) to ease the cargo clearance process at the checkpoints. This applies to all conventional and containerised cargo, with the exception of:

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Philippines joins the ATA Carnetsystem

As of 8 November 2021, the Philippines is part of the ATA Carnet System after the Senate ratified the Convention on Temporary Admission through the passage of Senate Resolution 832.

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Malaysia – Budget 2022

On 29 October 2021, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) unveiled its Budget 2022. Please find highlighted the proposed amendments that relate to customs and international trade.

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Japan – lesson learnt from custom audits

On 10 November 2021, Japan Customs released its annual report on customs audits. The report covered customs audits on 715 importers conducted from July 2020 to June 2021.

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Indonesia – safeguard duties on imported apparel and accessories

The Government issued the Ministry of Finance Regulation (MoF Regulation) 142/2021 which took effect on 12 November 2021. The regulation imposed Import Duty Safeguard duties on imported fashion products and accessories.

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EU: Public Consultation on e-commerce imports – your voice is needed

The European Commission is working on an integrated and innovative overhaul of EU rules governing e-commerce transactions from third countries.

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Webinar: How can ESG create value in the pharma industry?

ESG stands for ‘environmental, social and governance’ – without a doubt a global mega trend, and even more so in the post Covid-19 world.

During this webinar, we will look at how a strong ESG proposition can create value. In particular, we will illustrate the value creation process by providing a framework tailored to the pharma value chain to describe the various options.

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PwC webcast on the G7 Tax Policy agreement on Wednesday 23 June 2021 14:00 CEST

What should your business be thinking about to stay ahead of potential global #tax policy changes with the recent G7 Finance Ministers’ agreement? Join PwC’s upcoming webcast on 23 June to learn more: https://bit.ly/3gxDQmc

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