Michaela Merz

Two sins of Swiss cinemas

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In the last two months we have regularly been to the cinema with my youngest one (7). If the weather is rainy, foggy and unfriendly, this is a wonderful reason to lean into cushioned cinema chairs and to follow the happenings on the screen full of emotion. Our film selection starts at the computer, where we check the cinema programme and watch all relevant trailers. Interestingly enough, the majority of the trailers shows the most funny and impressive scenes. But sad enough (and this happens every now and then), if then these are the only funny and really good scenes. We watched all the trailers for the film shown in the nearby cinemas and after a long discussion decided which film we both would like to see.

The Swiss cinema has a terrible characteristic and this is the break. I hate these breaks. Usually when it is very exciting and one does not want to get interrupted, a stupid picture with an ice cream appears on the screen. And that even in winter!! I have to say that in other countries this is done differently. In Prague, London one grabs all food and drink in advance and then can laugh or cry without any interruptions. Every time I ask myself whether this break really generates more income for Swiss cinemas from the sale of food but I have my doubts.

The second sin, which is spread worldwide and not to be eradicated, are all these titles. I am happy to believe that somewhere there are two or three experts eager to know, who the second sound engineer and the third script writer are and what studios participated, but for the normal cinema consumer – and that is the majority – this is not interesting. The titles after a good film are usually endlessly long and terribly boring but because it remains dark in the screen, it is difficult to leave the screen without leaving anything behind or stumbling over someone. Every now and then these name columns are easier to bear if they are peppered with jokes, such as in “Despicable Me” with the help of minions. But also there one is not interested in the names but puts up with it to enjoy the jokes.

For better customer friendliness I suggest to show all this information shown at the end of the film after the trailer in the internet. Then all those interested in “extras in the scene pitfall” can watch it and the other can happily go home.

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