Michaela is skipping work

I am a dutiful person. Breaking my word is not an option for me under any conditions. If I promise something, I stick to it and it does not need a formal contract. I have promised myself to deliver a story every Friday.

This is not difficult for me because my head is full of stories, ideas and fantasies. The only thing missing is time to tell them all. I have never experienced a crisis of inspiration before. But today I’m taking a day off. Today I won’t deliver a story. There are more important things to do today, but this is another story and I will tell you it some other day.

Two sins of Swiss cinemas

In the last two months we have regularly been to the cinema with my youngest one (7). If the weather is rainy, foggy and unfriendly, this is a wonderful reason to lean into cushioned cinema chairs and to follow the happenings on the screen full of emotion. Our film selection starts at the computer, where we check the cinema programme and watch all relevant trailers. Interestingly enough, the majority of the trailers shows the most funny and impressive scenes. But sad enough (and this happens every now and then), if then these are the only funny and really good scenes. Read More »