Michaela Merz

Vaclav Patek

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If there was a renaissance person in our era, it was Vaclav Patek. Vaclav reminded me of Robinson Crusoe. He always found a way. There was no difficult situation, he managed them all. He was an endless optimist, with the courage to start new things and end them successfully. I laughed a lot with him, I respected him very much, and I absolutely trusted him, as one is used to do within a good family.

We met in Scotland at breakfast in a hotel. He told me that he had been jogging a bit. I asked him where he had been and the said at the port and return, he had wanted to see the Queen’s yacht. I thought about it for a moment and had my doubts. The port was 10 km away and it seemed unlikely to me that he would be able run 20 km before breakfast. But it was really as he said, Vaclav never lied. Then he told me that he was a runner and before was member of the national team.

I also went running with him but it was difficult, he was talking the entire time, required answers to his questions and my fitness back then did not permit it.

When we were talking the last time in December last year, he had invited me to his swimming training in the river Vltava. At that time the water temperature was 5 degrees. I would have loved to come and watch but I had to fly to Zurich. I promised that I would make it up at Christmas 2013. But that will no longer be possible. During his morning jogging tour he collided with a tram. Vaclav had been fighting. Like always. This time it had not been sufficient. On Saturday, 10 August Vaclav left us.

Vaclav, I am sorry that you broke a promise for the first time in your life and that you will not be there for the training. I will miss you very much. But somehow I know that we will meet again. Take care! I like you.

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