Michaela Merz

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The Christmas dinner

I was still a child when Marie told me stories. Marie has been long gone (for more than 35 years) and I cannot ask her any more but her tales have edged themselves deeply into my memory.

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As a child I looked forward to Christmas for weeks on end. It was mysterious, auspicious and magical.

As the mother of small children, I was happy. To see one’s own children’s happiness was indescribably wonderful. The presents, the decorated tree, the perfect scenario. All that was important.

Now my children are older and although Christmas is wonderful, they have lost the magic of belief. Continue reading

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Irma’s story

78084_web_R_K_by_Paul-Georg Meister_pixelio.deIrma had left her family very early. She wanted to become a dressmaker and in her village it was not possible to learn this profession. Thus she had to go alone to the big city in order to learn this profession. When I met her, she was a very experienced and exceptionally gifted tailor, who could sew everything a woman’s heart could wish for, starting with cute christening dresses for toddlers to seducing nightgowns to fanciful and daring ball gowns. Continue reading


I am stupid

My world was alright. My mobile had grown together with me and we were inseparable. I virtuosic played on its keys and it was a great help to me. My life was saved on this little tool. Dates, names, birthdays, passwords, photos, audit recordings; in short, the entire life. Continue reading

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Vaclav Patek

If there was a renaissance person in our era, it was Vaclav Patek. Vaclav reminded me of Robinson Crusoe. He always found a way. There was no difficult situation, he managed them all. He was an endless optimist, with the courage to start new things and end them successfully. I laughed a lot with him, Continue reading

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2nd advent in Madrid – traces of the economic crisis?

Business required it that in December I visited London, New York and Madrid. It is Christmas atmosphere everywhere. There is glitter at every corner; nativity sets and nut crackers (the hit of the London season) are in the shop windows and Christmas songs sound from the shops. Fundraisers try it more reserved like in London or they rock and rap like in New York to motivate the hearts to donate.  Continue reading

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Christmas concerts

Every year I go to a Christmas concert together with my children. Christmas, this means for me above all, to spend time with the family, time for music, time for being together. Consumption and presents are losing importance for me.

Together with my three children I visited the Christmas concert at the Tonhalle on Sunday. Continue reading