It was a strange year, the year of Corona

We have given up many things dear to us this year. We have struggled. We have missed the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been afraid. We were in despair. We sank into gloomy thoughts. We lost many things. We helped. We showed solidarity.

Some were very solidary and some very selfish. As is always the case in normal lives. But this year it was not a normal life.

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Life in times of Corona XVII

The trip to visit my mother has involved extensive strategic planning. She lives less than 800 km from where I live. It’s the same continent and my car makes the trip on one tank of petrol (which is also the main reason why I can’t have an e-car). The plane ticket costs a ridiculous amount and can be booked at short notice, but I can’t fly. The risk of infection is simply too big, and my mother will soon be 80 years old. That’s why I’m forced to drive, even on long journeys.

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Post for all my regularly Friday readers

Dear readers

The christmas break is coming closer and there is still a lot to do. Therefore, I will tell you my story on Monday.

Have a great weekend


Christmas letter 2019

Urs, a farmer from Ireland, and his wife Claudia, a doctor, write me a letter every year at Christmas. I always look forward to it. They let me know what has been going on with them on the farm and in their lives. I haven’t seen Urs and his wife for quite a while, but since I visited them some years ago, I can imagine many things that they describe so well. This year they have sent me a wonderful story that I would like to share.

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New York – Erster Advent

Ich habe grossen Respekt vor der Anreise in die USA. Es ist wie eine Wundertüte und man weiss nie so genau was man bekommt. Es kann sehr schnell gehen und nach 15 Minuten ist man raus, oder man kann stundenlang auf den Einlass warten.

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New York – First Advent

I have a lot of respect for the entry into the USA. It is like a goodie bag and you never really know what you’ll get. It can go very fast and you can be out after 15 minutes or you can wait hours before you can enter. Read More »

The Christmas dinner

I was still a child when Marie told me stories. Marie has been long gone (for more than 35 years) and I cannot ask her any more but her tales have edged themselves deeply into my memory.

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As a child I looked forward to Christmas for weeks on end. It was mysterious, auspicious and magical.

As the mother of small children, I was happy. To see one’s own children’s happiness was indescribably wonderful. The presents, the decorated tree, the perfect scenario. All that was important.

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Irma’s story

78084_web_R_K_by_Paul-Georg Meister_pixelio.deIrma had left her family very early. She wanted to become a dressmaker and in her village it was not possible to learn this profession. Thus she had to go alone to the big city in order to learn this profession. When I met her, she was a very experienced and exceptionally gifted tailor, who could sew everything a woman’s heart could wish for, starting with cute christening dresses for toddlers to seducing nightgowns to fanciful and daring ball gowns.Read More »

I am stupid

My world was alright. My mobile had grown together with me and we were inseparable. I virtuosic played on its keys and it was a great help to me. My life was saved on this little tool. Dates, names, birthdays, passwords, photos, audit recordings; in short, the entire life.Read More »