Theft of a toilette at Pfreimd castle

During the holidays we slept in a village below the 1000 years old Pfreimd castle. It is a ruin but we could very well imagine how once knights rode on their horses into the court of the castle, how they had hunted around the castle and how they had celebrated in the large hall in the tower in front of an open fire. The most fascinating thing was a perfectly well preserved toilette. It was completely made from stone, a perfectly flat surface to sit on with a hole in it which many years ago ended deep below the castle. The idea of how it must have been to sit there in the deep winter with minus temperatures outside was horrifying.

The castle in its loftiness symbolised for us consistency, eternity and past, including the wonderfully preserved toilette. Majestic, deserted and proud.

At that time geologic research was done around the castle and a very young geologist spent the night in a tent on the hill. One morning the village was in a flurry of excitement. During the night masked thieves had raged in the ruin and had tried to steal the 1000 years old toilette. How this is possible? we were asking ourselves. But it was more trivial and idiotic that we thought.

In the middle of the night a large jeep had come. The young geologist woke up and crawled out of her tent. She froze with fear when she saw three men dressed in black and with masked faces. Then steal ropes were wound around the stone toilette and the 1000 years old toilette was pulled out of the wall with engine power. The geologist ran through the nightly wood and called the police. However when the police arrived, the thieves were already gone. What they had underestimated was the weight of the stones. They had managed to pull the stone toilette out of the wall but they had not managed to transport it with their jeep.

All’s well that ends well?! Two days later conservators put the toilette back to its original place and also laid cables to protect it against future theft.

For such a great object of interest should not fall into the hands of a ruthless private collector!!

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