Theft of a toilette at Pfreimd castle

During the holidays we slept in a village below the 1000 years old Pfreimd castle. It is a ruin but we could very well imagine how once knights rode on their horses into the court of the castle, how they had hunted around the castle and how they had celebrated in the large hall in the tower in front of an open fire. The most fascinating thing was a perfectly well preserved toilette. It was completely made from stone, a perfectly flat surface to sit on with a hole in it which many years ago ended deep below the castle. Read More »

The six dead soldiers from the bus stop

All my school holidays I spent in a tiny village at the Czech-German border. In this village three houses were occupied all year round and three only during the summer holidays. But in the three houses occupied all year round, lived 10 children. A little Bullerby. There was never any lack of playmates. The rest of village were ruins. Before the Second World War the village consisted of 36 houses, one school house and one guesthouse, in the surroundings were four mills. Read More »

Long hair

At the age of six I was very skinny, little below 20kg with very short hair. I looked like a boy. But I did not care. But only until we went on holidays to the little village. I played with the children from the village. All together there were four of us (respectively six, but the two youngest ones were too young to play with us). Almost like the Bullerby children. We climbed on trees and ate cherries belonging to someone else. And on one of those trees, Willy caught us. “Get down”, he said. Read More »

Sunday walk

It was such a lovely day. The sky was cloudless, the sun was shining and it was Sunday morning. We had decided to go for a hike with my youngest one (soon 6 years old). The path led through the wood, which smelt of mushrooms and damp. We told each other fantasy stories and followed the markers along the path. Suddenly the wood came to an end and in front of us was a huge hill with the grass completely eaten clean. The meadow was separated from the wood by a hedgerow, but the barrier with wooden beams was open.

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