Michaela Merz

The lonely sunflower

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‎In our street the water pipes below the street were replaced. This is for sure necessary and to be welcomed but for me as a resident it meant incredible two years of noise, a road which could hardly be used and lots of trouble with an often closed access road. I did not enjoy it. After half a year I was fed up and had little understanding for the construction workers.

The highlight in this bleak phase became a sunflower, which this year grew out of nothing and leaned on a concrete pillar of the barrier. It was high, for sure more than 1.5 metres, strong and healthy, prospering and I enjoyed it every time I saw it. The flower had not yet opened. When the construction site and also the new street were finally finished, the big clean-up began. Machines, container, mobile toilettes and also the barriers disappeared one after the other. The sunflower and the concrete pillar remained. Until I came home one day and the pillar was gone and the sunflower was lying with already black leaves on the ground. I was very sad and did not know how to help. The sunflower, the gleam of hope, did not even manage to flower. I looked how it was lying on the ground, not cut but bereft of its vitality, dying dressed in black.

On the second day in the morning I was astonished. Someone had put a sturdy stick in the ground, righted the sunflower and tied it to the stick. The ground around the plant was wet, even though it had not been raining for days. The leaves were pitch-black and the entire plant looked miserable but it was standing. If it had to die, then at least standing, I thought and was happy for this action. As the days passed, one could watch an incredible transformation. The leaves became green and lush again and on 20 September the plant opened its flower for the first time. With every day it looked more strong and healthy and the warm September helped it to grow.

I am glad about it and enjoy the sunflower every day. I had given it up and had not known how to help. But somebody had helped. The result is simply amazing. It can only wish that in every almost hopeless situation there is someone, who does not give up.



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