Water-skiing in autumn

It is the end of September. Thy sky is grey and cloudy and the wind is blowing strongly. I have to be honest and say that this Sunday morning I don’t feel like going on the lake to experience the joy of water-skiing. I would have preferred it if, because of the high wind, it were cancelled. I didn’t dare to call it off myself, because I would have to pay for the hour and in addition would have looked like a failure and wimp.

Reluctantly I set off with my youngest to Wollishofen. The instructor, wrapped up in a warm jacket, bubbled with energy. My interest sinks further below zero. I change – bathing costume and a short wetsuit. There is still a lack of interest. I scold myself silently and ask what had come over me to agree to this lesson so late in the year.

Then we are already at the lake and she asks, if it is OK, if I go first. I put on the water-skis and flop into the water. The water is not so cold, but cold enough to wake me up immediately and to bring my attention to 120. Then comes the obligatory question, whether I am ready and I say «yes» and off we go. Already the first start is a success and I fly over the rough lake and the waves. The stuffy feeling has disappeared and I laugh, so wonderful is the feeling. The body pours out every possible hormone, like adrenalin, oxytocin and whatever they are all called. I have wings, fly over the waves, play with them and feel nothing but joy. Something is not quite right, because at some point I felt the pain in my hands and it increased every second until «THAT’S ENOUGH my darling». That was after about 20 minutes. I bit on my teeth, but the pain could not be fooled.

Reluctantly, I dropped the handle and fell into the water. It was great. And how!! If you’re feeling the autumn dumps, from now on I unreservedly recommend a water-skiing lesson. It is unbeatable.

Image source: Martina Goslar / pixelio.de

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