Michaela Merz

Drug dealer?

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I do sports in the morning. In summer this is wonderful. The air is not yet so hot and very fresh, the birds are chirping. The first sunrays are a wonderful motivation, if they reach through the water and light the pool. In winter it’s completely different. Outside it is pitch-black and very often like today foggy and very quiet. The streets are deserted and unfriendly. I then run with a headlamp and feel like in a science fiction movie. Searching for life on planet X. Usually I don’t meet anyone, just every now and then one or two people hurrying to work.

Let’s be honest, going for a run in December at six o’clock in the morning needs a lot of inner motivation. I run along the streets because the jogging trail is frozen and just as hard as the street, but even more slippery. But I run a short distance on the jogging trail in order to shorten the route. I alone in fog and darkness with my headlamp. And then I saw him. He sat on a bench in the park and played with his mobile. The screen lightened his face. Who is sitting at 6 o’clock on a bench in the park and is waiting? A very strange situation. But I had forgotten him after 5 minutes. On the second day I was running even earlier. I was up and running at 5.30 in the morning with my headlamp and look there, he sat again on the same bench and did not even take notice of me. On the third day, the situation repeated, but that time he was not alone but there were two of them and they were smoking a cigarette. My fantasy started to fly. I took him for a drug dealer and that place as an ideal place to hand over whatever. Then I was travelling for a few days, went running in other areas or was swimming. When I was running this route again after a week, he was not there anymore and also not on the following day. He had disappeared and had left me with my uncertainty.

Was he really a drug dealer? I will never know. And honestly, it is good like this. The times, where I had the need to know everything, are a thing of the past.

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