Michaela Merz

The unpleasant truth

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The days are getting warmer and dresses more daring. Today in the morning Melanie came to the office and was upset. I wanted to know what had happened because she had red spots in the face, which usually appear when she is stressed.

She complained that a young man had offered her a seat in the tram. First I thought that emancipation was that advanced with her that she would be angry about this instead of pleased. But I dismissed the thought right away because that’s absolutely not like her.

I wanted to know why the fact that a young man had offered a seat would cause such annoyance.

“That he offers a seat is fine but do you know what he said?” she asked and looked at me full of expectation.

I had no idea and only shrugged with the shoulders.

“He told me that one should not let a pregnant woman stand.” Melanie was close to exploding and her spots got more and more red. “I am not pregnant but this stupid dress I will throw to the bin still today.”

I looked at her summer dress. Yes, one could have been mistaken. She looked like 5 or 6 months pregnant.

But this was not due to the dress but rather to her incredible ravenousness for everything sweet, from chocolate to sweets to cakes.

I shortly considered saving the poor, nicely flowered summer dress.

But I was simply too cowardly to tell Melanie the truth, which she did not want to see herself. She had suffered enough for that day.

“And, did you accept his offer?” I then wanted to know.

“Yes, of course”, she answered without hesitation, “it’s great being able to sit in a crowded tram.”

I shook my head but only in thoughts. Melanie was a mystery who got offended way too fast. And to tell the truth does not always help.

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