Michaela Merz

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The lost grandmother

61657_web_r_by_matthias-weggel_pixelio-deI wasn’t late at all. I was perfectly on time for my next meeting when a woman approached me to ask if I could give her directions. She was looking tor Regina Kägistrasse. I had no idea. Continue reading

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Annie Leibowitz


I was craving for impressions and inspiration. A weekend packed with culture was called for.

I began fleet of foot with Art on Ice 2017 on Friday evening. That is entertainment of the lighter sort, which combines first class music with world class ice-skating. Last year it was simply captivating and I had enjoyed myself immensely. As so often, when expectations are high, the classical composition is not far away. In line with the motto: expectation is followed by disappointment. Continue reading

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Women’s magazines


I don’t read them often enough.
For example, on the rare occasions, when I fly from one continent to another. Always and without exception a very nice stewardess comes with an arm full of coloured magazines and offers them to me. Continue reading

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My bathing costume has gone astray

img_8934It is a picture book winter, a winter such as the children always wish for. Snow and ice and on top of that it is really cold, so that the snow also does not melt away.
At last the hill behind our house is white and one can slide down witth sledges, bobs, plastic bags, which last year was not possible at all. Continue reading

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The urge to go to school



On Saturday I attended the school lessons. A hoard of adults squeezes into a classroom; if you come too late, you don’t have a chair and about comfort you can disagree. Continue reading

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640581_web_r_b_by_andreas-morlok_pixelio-deIf someone pelts you with polysterene beads, plastic bags or soft toys, it is probably treated as a harassment and punished with God only knows what.

But if one is harassed by noise, it is often ignored. I remember well many years ago when in a small village we wanted to celebrate August 1. When it was finally dark, we started the fireworks. We hadn’t even reached half way, and then Willy stood before us and shouted at us. He had to go to work and get up the next day very early and wanted finally to get to sleep. After all these years I can still remember how ashamed I felt. At home it was drummed into me that my freedom extended only as far as someone’s else’s freedom was affected. We immediately stopped the fireworks. Continue reading

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Body Pump

410707_web_r_k_b_by_stephanie-hofschlaeger_pixelio-deMy youngest (I can no longer say «smallest» because he is almost as tall as I am) always has training on Saturday morning.

Because it is quite a long distance, I sometimes drive him. It is actually a peaceful refreshing hour while I wait for him, because I can read the newspaper,undisturbed with a cup of coffee in my hand. I wait for him and then we drive home.

The last time I was surprised by music and discovered a gymnastic group. It looked very harmonious and rhythmic. I felt a desire to participate and decided the following week to give it a go.

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