Michaela Merz

What is the moral of this story?

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422772_web_r_k_b_by_uli-carthauser_pixelio-deLisa was clever. Perhaps not the best in her class, but always close to the top. She was small and thin. In her puberty she was not an object of desire for her male fellow students. That gnawed at her self-confidence. The few, not to say the only one, who had showed any interest her, she didn’t like at all and those she liked had no eyes for her.


So Lisa had plenty of time for learning and at school she became ever better, but somehow also ever more dissatisfied. She had the feeling that life owed her something.

After school, she started her professional career very successfully and advanced quickly. After a few years her development stalled. Actually she had wanted to achieve more, but whatever she tried, the next stage remained out of her reach.

Not she that could complain, she was earning well, and compared with her former high school colleagues was the most successful. But her aims were even higher and she couldn’t achieve them. And then she met MR RIGHT. She fell head over heels in love and her career seemed to be a secondary consideration. Mr Right was a craftsman with a heart of gold. Lisa was happy.

After a year they agreed to marry. It wasn’t long before a baby was on the way.

Actually it would be logical for Mr Right to stay at home with the baby, because Lisa earned twice as much as he did. They both found it difficult. An so three days a week the baby went to the crèche and Lisa reduced to 60%. After the birth of the second child it was all too much for Lisa. As Mr Right became self-employed and was more absent than present, that made everything worse. Mr Right suggested that Lisa stay at home the whole time. She agreed. His business was successful, because he was a very skilled craftsman. But as at the same time he was a miserable businessman, the money for his work failed to come in.

Financially money was short or very short, which drove Mr Right to work even harder in order to be able to feed the family. Their communication became ever shorter and the criticisms ever stronger.

Eventually Lisa had had enough and asked Mr Right to leave. Because the money was not enough for anything, she started work again. She took an 80% job and put the children in the day school. Her salary grew quickly and was very good. Only her younger colleagues overtook her on the career ladder left and right. That made Lisa unhappy, but she couldn’t really change it.

I asked myself what is the moral of this story, but I think I prefer to leave that to you.

Image source: Uli Carthäuser  / pixelio.de

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