The urge to go to school



On Saturday I attended the school lessons. A hoard of adults squeezes into a classroom; if you come too late, you don’t have a chair and about comfort you can disagree.

But watching again aroused in me the urge to go to school. As a child or young adult you’re not fully convinced that your schooldays are the best time of your life. I can still remember that in the high school, when the temperature was too low, because the central heating had difficulties with the coal supply, we had „coal holidays”. Then we made every effort to keep the temperature in our classroom icy. Sometime later we really did have a week of coal holidays, but that probably had less to do with our ventilation attempts than with the difficulty the coal mines had in delivering supplies.

Later, after starting one’s professional career, there were many times when one went to school. But it never again reached the quality of the original school. The pressure of what one had to learn was worlds apart; there was no time left for the ease, the joy of discovering something new.


As I sat there Saturday in the German lesson, I wished I could have as homework to read a book and discuss its content and message. The following music class aroused the urge to sing and to make music and the music teacher was so funny and inspiring that I envied the pupils no end. In biology I was surprised how little I knew about the snake and chemistry reminded me bitterly that, thanks to the very demotivating chemistry teacher that unfortunately I had in high school, nothing at all has remained in my head.

Disseminating and acquiring knowledge is one of the most satisfying activities that I have experienced in life. You can always do it and learning achievements feel great. What limits the pleasure are examinations and competing against others. Not always, but frequently. Only I think that we as a society should really think going to school permanently is a part of life. One could really imagine having one week’s less vacation, but instead an additional 14 days school and perhaps one Saturday a month. That alone would be 26 days study per person per year. A wealth of widening one’s horizon. Changes come quickly, processes change with brutal speed, digitisation waits for nothing. Either we keep up or the system leaves us behind. The only way of keeping up is to learn. For everyone of us a difficult task. For society, for a state a task, which belongs in its catalogue without fail.

It gives me great pleasure, when an invitation to peer into the school on Saturday flutters into my letter box. My urge to go to school is very great.

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