Life in times of Corona XII

Somehow, I thought just 14 days ago that Switzerland is an island of bliss. I looked at the statistics of new cases worldwide and was proud of how clever we do it in Switzerland. I was annoyed that I could not visit my mother because of the quarantine regulations (I am still annoyed and think that I made the wrong decision not to go!).

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Life in times of Corona X – emergency shuttle

I wanted to be with my mother. But unfortunately, I am not, because the country where she lives has been put on the list of risk countries. That was a shock for me. My mother is approaching the age of 80, is widowed and although she is very independent, she needs help. I promised to visit her in September and to help her in the house and garden where it is necessary. When I received the message that the country would be on the quarantine list from Monday on, I first had to find out what this meant. The measures are draconian. For 10 days in isolation after the return and that even without symptoms and even if the corona-test is negative. In order not to endanger my son, I would have to stay in my room for 10 days.

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Life in times of Coronavirus VIII – Sabrina and her mother Lisa

On the day Lisa closed the door for the last time to the flat in which she had lived for nearly fifty years it felt as if a big weight fell from her heart. She had given up the flat and passed it on. So no going back. Lisa felt relived and the moving out at the end of February was an unbelievable liberation for her. Moving into the retirement home was the start of a better future. Lisa was nearly 80 years old and now moved into the small two-bedroom flat with a teeny tiny kitchen and a sunny balcony at the retirement home.

When she felt like it, she cooked, when she didn’t feel like it, she could eat breakfast or lunch at the dining hall with the other residents. She hadn’t eaten in the evenings for decades and she didn’t want to change her habits anymore. She quickly made connections and got acquainted with Liselotte and Hans who had a similar interest in art and music just as Lisa did.

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MehrlingeI always wished for having an identical sister. One of these wishes which remains in the realm of the what would be if.

In the course of the years I experienced in my circle of friends several twins and triplets. I remember well when our friend Davide came with the news that his wife was expecting their second child. Read More »

TCS – the fast pragmatic help which let us down

586266_web_R_by_Dominik Pöpping_pixelio.deI don’t really like driving. For me the car is a means in order to get from one point to another. If the price allows, I will for sure be one of the first ones, who buys an automatically steered car.

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725911_original_R_K_B_by_Lupo_pixelio.deI know it. As a child I suffered terribly from it. The ritual repeated itself every year. In winter my mother asked me whether I would like to go so the children’s summer camp in summer. I wanted to and said yes. Shortly afterwards doubts started to trouble me whether it had been the right decision. I know that I would be homesick as every year. Read More »

Chiara’s birth

645845_web_R_by_www.helenesouza.com_pixelio.deLola had wished for her child very much. The pregnancy went without any difficulties, apart from the occasional heart arrhythmia. Lola lived like she had done so far, she only completly quitted drinking alcohol and smoking.Read More »


395479_original_R_by_Marcus Stark_pixelio.deThe theatre „Basler Vorstadttheater“ made a side trip to Zurich with its show “Bambi”. I suggested to my youngest one to go to the theatre. The weather was not all that great and the Basle theatre performs wonderfully. Just that my youngest one dismissed Bambi as something for children, as something which would be almost unworthy for an 8 years old. Read More »

Too much is too much (collecting mushrooms 2)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI visited my mother in her house close to the German border in Bohemian Forest. At the beginning of September it was marvellous and in comparison to the cold and rainy Zurich simply wonderful. In the evening one could sit outside in the garden in T-shirt, during the day the sun was shining just as in midsummer and next to me my satisfied mother. All wishes fulfilled. Read More »

Growing old is not for cowards

Every time I watch my parents, whose next big birthday will be the 80th, a funny feeling creeps over me. I love to have them and to return in their presence over and again to childhood because my mother complains every time that I don’t eat enough and my father’s instructions are still the same as 40 years ago.Read More »