Michaela Merz


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MehrlingeI always wished for having an identical sister. One of these wishes which remains in the realm of the what would be if.

In the course of the years I experienced in my circle of friends several twins and triplets. I remember well when our friend Davide came with the news that his wife was expecting their second child. Just that it soon turned out that she was also expecting their third and fourth child. In combination with the almost one year old first born it was huge load of work. Despite the active help of both families, in the first year after the birth of their twins Davide lost 16 kilos and his wife 25 kilos. They were just lucky that their initial position was slight chubbiness. Otherwise they both would have been endangered to vanish into thin air because of lack of sleep, exhaustion and continuous tiredness.

When the triplets were almost two years old, I visited them. Even after years, I remember this afternoon very well. The mother of the triplets explained to me that the door of the room always needs to be closed so that none of the 4 can run away. We sat in a large room with many toys and the four took their rounds around the room, once louder, once a bit more quiet. But there was not really peace for talking. After about one hour during which one of the four had been fed, nappies changed, been admonished and I had not contributed to any of these activities, I felt completely exhausted and just wanted to go home. My respect for the parents was boundless. Nobody, who has not experienced it, can imagine what they accomplish. Privacy?! Not existing. Time for oneself, even if only for a few minutes? Not really, if you do not count brushing one’s teeth.

They said that the first three years passed in express speed without break for them as parents. There it seems to me that the model one child after the other with adequate time in-between is the easier option.

By the way, one of my great colleagues is expecting twins. She is looking for a used pram for twins. Let me know if you have one to sell or to give away. I would have liked to support her.

Bildquelle: Stephanie Hofschlaeger/pixelio.de

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