Chiara’s birth

645845_web_R_by_www.helenesouza.com_pixelio.deLola had wished for her child very much. The pregnancy went without any difficulties, apart from the occasional heart arrhythmia. Lola lived like she had done so far, she only completly quitted drinking alcohol and smoking. Beyond that Lola did not have much time to deal with the pregnancy because her collection had made an impact and unexpectedly provided her much joyful but also very time consuming work. Even though she had wanted to furnish the nursery, she did not have time for it after her success in Paris.

And also there was no time to think about her relationship with Alejandro. They lived together but hardly talked to each other during the week since both were very successful in their jobs and very busy. Although both of them had wanted a child, Lola’s concerns on whether a future with a child and Alejandro as father was really such a good idea grew. In particular after the incident when Alejandro had let her down when she was in Paris, it became clear to her that in the future she very likely would have to manage on her own.

The due date came close and Lola just managed to buy the basis equipment of children’s clothing. She thought that she would buy the rest after the birth during her maternity leave. The naiveté or inexperience of a first-time mother.

On Tuesday the final negotiations for her collection with a larger customer were scheduled. Lola was clear on the fact that this would be the last thing she would manage before giving birth. But on Monday short after midnight she woke up with a strange feeling. She lay in bed and listened to her body. Yes, the child had started to set out for the world. Lola knew that it would still take several hours before it would be time. She got up and started with the preparations. She paid all upcoming invoices, finally made the baby bed ready, put up some pictures, packed her bag. The dragging intensified but was still not painful. Lola packed away the recovered paper, tidied up the kitchen, and fetched the newspaper from the letter box. By then it had become daylight. She dressed, had coffee and was reading. At half past six Alejandro appeared in the kitchen. He did not wonder and only said that he would be ready by seven.

Lola said very quietly that today it would start. Alejandro looked at her with raised eyebrows and only mentioned that today was the day of the final negotiations. Lola did not say anything and only thought for herself that every now and then Alejandro behaved like an idiot. It could not be that he thought that a birth could wait.

They both drove to town but he did not want to park at the hospital. He parked at his office and then they walked to the hospital. By then the dragging in Lola’s belly was already very much noticeable.

In the hospital the examinations started and the dragging turned into contractions which were painful. Lola was waiting for the peridural anaesthesia. The big pushing could start. Alejandro was helpless in the background, unable to provide any kind of support. Lola pushed. Between two contractions Lola became aware that Alejandro had disappeared without saying anything. She stretched her neck as far as she could and discovered Alejandro behind the glass wall talking on the phone. It was obvious to her that he was working. But she did not have time to be annoyed because the next contraction was already there. Alejandro talked for a long time on the phone and just reappeared in time for the doctor to ask him whether he wanted to cut the umbilical cord. No, Alejandro did not want to.

Lola was very exhausted but over happy that she could look at her little Chiara. Only very deep inside her was a big question mark what she was to do with Alejandro in the future.

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