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395479_original_R_by_Marcus Stark_pixelio.deThe theatre „Basler Vorstadttheater“ made a side trip to Zurich with its show “Bambi”. I suggested to my youngest one to go to the theatre. The weather was not all that great and the Basle theatre performs wonderfully. Just that my youngest one dismissed Bambi as something for children, as something which would be almost unworthy for an 8 years old.

As so often with these things, I made my point. And thus in a small circle of auditors we saw on the stage the birth of Bambi, experienced his first steps and friendships, we laughed and suffered with him, when he lost his way in the wood and frightened called for his mother. We admired the strength of his father and witnessed the death of his mother, we saw him growing up and going his own way.

It was a wonderful play, once poetic, once thoughtful, sad and again funny, full of phantasy and innuendos. We sat there and the 70 minutes went by flying. We would have loved to stay a bit longer because everything was so beautiful, surprising, touching soft and liberating funny. But then there was the end and afterwards we saw the three actors in the cafeteria, where they had coffee and laughed.

It was one of these rare performances, which is both liked by children and adults, where there are two levels, one for children and one for adults.

In the end my little one was glad that I had made my point and that we had seen the play. No, the mother is not always right but with 8 years old children she usually still manages to make her point and that can have great results. In particular, if it has to do with the Basler Vorstadttheater.

Bildquelle: Marcus Stark / pixelio.de


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