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Grading test

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630985_web_R_K_B_by_Didi01_pixelio.deMy youngest one plays the piano. No, it does not look like as if he will spend his future as a musician. But he has an extraordinary good feeling for rhythm and he enjoys playing the piano, even though he complains regularly, when he has to practise. He likes composing best. Just sitting at the piano and improvising as he pleases. With the years of practising, his improvising got better and by now it sounds pretty good.

Now his piano teacher (finally a man in this female dominated Swiss education system for children up to 15 years) suggested that my son should do a grading test. One has to show what and how one can play and know certain subjects from music theory.

Last Sunday was the day. He had practiced the two pieces, which he had to play, for sure one thousand times. Together we had read the notes countless time up and down and down and up. The theory had also been practised, in short, he was well prepared. The exam took place in a building, which I did not know. We were both nervous and left home way too early. And this was good because I just could not find the address Hirschengraben 1. Thanks to the time reserve everything was fine. I noticed that my stomach tightened. Why, I asked myself. Why am I nervous when my son is doing a simple exam, which has no influence on his future? I don’t know.

He started to play and just the first piece he played so quiet, as if there were no forte above the notes, as if at home he had not hit the keys like mad so that one had to slow him down and on top of that, he jumped an entire movement and missed the last note. I saw how his teacher’s head turned red. But the second piece he played well as usual. On the first question, with what note the second piece had started, he gave the wrong answer and the head of his teacher became even redder.

Despite all this, he passed the grading test. Rightly, because he really knows it and was just terribly nervous. I am very happy for him. Just the stress, we both have to get under control.


Bildquelle: Didi01 / pixelio.de

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