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World Wide VAT

Seit Jahren organisieren wir die Veranstaltung “World Wide Value Added Tax” oder verkürzt WWV. Die Engländer haben uns prophezeit, unter so einem doofen Namen wird dies nie Erfolg haben. Es klinge für Englischsprachige wie der fünfte Weltkrieg. Das Event ist kostenpflichtig, weil wir sehr viel Arbeit, Begeisterung und Herzblut hineinstecken und natürlich auch reele Kosten für die Infrastruktur haben. Eine kostenpflichtige Veranstaltung zu diesem Thema wird nie Erfolg haben. Das haben viele andere gesagt. Continue reading

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Digitalization of the Tax Environment

digitalizationIt is not a surprise that the whole world is getting more and more digital, but it is important to acknowledge that so are also the tax authorities in   requirements they now set forth towards taxpayers. Continue reading

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Event – Taxmarc: your cure for the SAP VAT headache

577702_web_R_K_by_Tony Hegewald_pixelio.deHandling VAT isn´t getting any easier. As if it wasn´t hard enough to ensure the compliant tax classification of transactions, you also have to enter them in SAP. Given that SAP´s tax determination logic was developed 30 years ago at a time when the legislation governing cross-border transactions was far less complex and the reporting requirements a lot less comprehensive, it is no wonder this is a headache for many of our clients. Continue reading

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Invitation PwC Event: Driving Switzerland’s growth in the digital economy

PwC is hosting an asut (Association Suisse des Télécommunications) event in the PwC Zurich offices on 22 October on the topic of “Driving Switzerland’s growth in the digital economy“.

About asut (http://www.asut.ch/):

Asut is the association of telecommunication in Switzerland represented across all industries. Continue reading

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Event 23 September 2015: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain – The Start of a Revolution?

Don`t miss the event in Zurich about:

The cryptocurrency «Bitcoin» generated a lot of positive and negative headlines in the media. Kicking off the discussion on the long-term capabilities of digital currencies and their impact.

Find all information about the upcoming event HERE

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PwC Tax Technology Fair 2015

The challenges faced by tax and finance departments have been growing for years. More efficient processes and technological solutions can help you rise to these challenges.  However, it can be difficult to keep track of the developments in best practices and IT solutions and to understand the benefits they can bring to your organisation.

PwC is organising a Tax Technology Fair, which will take place on 15 September 2015, which will give you a comprehensive overview of the latest developments to enable you in your day-to-day business of managing tax.  A number of market leading PwC professionals and IT vendor representatives will make live presentations on their respective technologies and applications. During the event, you will be able to compare solutions and speak with solution providers directly about your questions and issues in one to one sessions. The PwC Tax Technology Fair is a great opportunity to discover how the latest solutions can benefit your organisation and to share experience with the people who face the same issues as you.

Please click here to open the invitation to get more informations about the venue and programme.

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Invitation: Export Controls – Achieving Compliance Event in Berne

107563-I would like to invite you to our Export Controls – Achieving Compliance Event to share the experience of my clients in the area of export controls & sanctions. Our guest speakers from SR Technics, Givaudan and Landis+Gyr will provide first-hand insights and best practices about the solutions they have designed to ensure compliance with export controls regulations. These not only address management issues, organisation and processes, but also people topics and, of course, systems. At the heart of the discussion lies the management of change going forward. Continue reading