Christmas present

750086_web_R_K_B_by_Tim Reckmann_pixelio.deIt is easy to give presents to children as long as they are small. The best is the time when they still believe that there is a third power bringing the presents. The Christ child, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. There is just joy and enthusiasm. It is simply wonderful and incredibly beautiful to watch how a child enjoys.

Then it gets more difficult. The older the children get, the more difficult it becomes to buy a spontaneous present, in particular, when they reach puberty and one did not question them sufficiently in advance in order to get the right model or type of present.

Instead of joy, there is frustration on both sides.

Even more difficult it is with one’s own parents or grandparents, in particular if they can afford everything they wish for. In the year my grandmother died, my grandfather was incredibly sad and according to my estimation, he did not have any more joy in life. Without further ado, I purchased a cage and a canary. At that time, my grandfather did not own any animals and also had not expressed the wish to get any. I was then a bit more than 20 years old and thought that only an animal which keeps him company could bring back his vitality. On Christmas Eve after dinner we started to unwrap the presents. My grandfather unwrapped the cage and raised his eyebrows. No, there was no joy in his face, rather displeasure. Even without words, it was clear that he disapproved my idea.

For that situation I had prepared a plan B. The canary would simply stay with me. We continued unwrapping presents and my grandfather always again looked at the bird. Suddenly, out of the blue, my grandfather said that he had to go home. That sounded rather crazy because nobody and nothing were waiting for him on 24 December at 9pm; but he had already gotten up and started to dress. My parents tried to stop him but my grandfather had made up his mind and was not to be stopped.

From all his presents he only took one with him – the cage with the canary, which he carried in the Christmas night about three quarters of an hour walking through the silent city to his flat. Obviously, it was love at second sight and my grandfather became a great canary breeder. He turned his large living room into a large aviary and the many birds which he owned by the time became the most important thing in his life.

Yes, sometime presents can hit home.


Bildquelle: Tim Reckmann /

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