Klara and the twins

Klara is 26-years-old and went to visit the technical library with her 4-year-old twins Dina and Tina. She wanted to get some books to be able to finish her work paper.

She had to take the twins with her because her husband was still at work. The library hall was huge and at that time of the day they were nearly alone in the library. Klara had to look for the six books. Each row had two alphabetical letters and each shelf in the row different coloured signs. The books were numbered. Searching for all of them surely would take about half an hour. So Klara went to work. The kids played catch but Klara told them not to as they were pretty loud and Klara feared that they would get sent outside. She suggested they play hide and seek instead. Dina and Tina liked that idea. One of the two said a quick rhyme and the other one hid in the meantime. Klara was happy that the two were busy and she was able to focus on finding the books. Then suddenly she saw little Tina lying perfectly still between the books on the lowest shelf of the book rack. Dina and Tina played quietly for quite some time and Klara was able to get all her books together.

As Klara wanted to take the books upstairs to the counter, she called the girls. Both came running to her and their clothes were black from the dust. It was obvious that the library hadn’t been cleaned properly. The girls looked at the mountain of books that their mother wanted to borrow. Then Dina said ‘mom I also want to borrow a book’. Klara was surprised, after all neither of them had yet learnt to read and in the technical library there weren’t any kids books. Klara looked at her daughter and suggested Dina choose a book. Both girls disappeared immediately between the book racks. It took quite some time and Klara started to read one of the books that she wanted to borrow.

After nearly fifteen minutes the twins returned and Dina held a big, old book in her hands with strawberries on the front cover. It was the only picture in the whole book.

The rest was text and calculations.  It was a book about growing strawberries. Klara didn’t want to disappoint the twins. Even though she knew that this huge book, which she had to drag home among the other six books, would never really be opened, she nodded approvingly.

They borrowed all seven books and took them home. It’s never too early to foster the love of books in children.

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