Switzerland – New ‘Passar’ Customs IT System as from June 1, 2023

As part of the ‘DaziT’ transformation programme of the Swiss Federal Customs Authority, the IT landscape for customs processes will be renewed: The current IT systems ‘NCTS’ and ‘e-dec’ will be replaced by a new system ‘Passar’ within the next four years in phases.

In the initial stage, the transit and export process will be moved from NCTS and e-dec Export to Passar 1.0 by 1 June 2023. In a second step, the import process will be transitioned from e-dec Import to Passar 2.0 by 31 December 2024 with a parallel operation for six months, concluding in the deactivation of the old e-dec Import system by 1 July 2025. With version 3.0 of Passar, all the special provisions for goods and functions will then be available on Passar.

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