Indirect Tax Technology: The Power of Digitalisation

I hope that despite the corona crisis, things are going well for you and your loved ones. I am posting this message to invite you to our webcast series Indirect Tax Technology: The Power of Digitalisation

The webcast series will consist of 3 sessions, one per week, every Thursday at 4:00 pm Amsterdam Time (CEST), starting from September 17, 2020.

The sessions will be devoted to provide an approximation to the main challenges that companies face nowadays in indirect tax determination, compliance and analytics in a context of increasing digitisation by the tax authorities.

  • 17 September, 4:00 pm: Session on Indirect tax data analysis and visualisation, where we will provide a demo of our new solution: The Indirect Tax Flow Analyser. Relevant for multinationals (on SAP) with more complex business scenarios (e.g. ABC/ABCD supplies) or companies planning to upgrade to SAP S4 (HANA).
  • 24 September, 4:00 pm: Session on Indirect Tax Engines (specifically Taxmarc, Vertex and Onesource), their integration with ERP systems (for example Oracle and SAP) and what to expect from an implementation project.
  • 1 October, 4:00 pm: Session on the new real time indirect tax reporting and E-invoicing regulatory requirements within the EU Member States, where we will provide a demo of our new Taxmarc Compliance Reporting Solution (TCRS). TCRS currently offers solutions for Spain SII, Italy E-Invoicing, UK Making Tax Digital, Hungary (Near Real Time Reporting), Poland (SAF-T), Portugal (SAF-T), Greece (MyData) and Netherlands (VAT Return). Relevant for international companies (on SAP).

If you would like to attend the webcast series, please send an email to Madelon Schotman ( with the link to this post, and she will send you a calendar invitation for the virtual sessions. You can also submit your questions to the subject by email.

Virtual via video conferencing by using Google Meets.

If you wish to participate please let knows and she will provide all the required details
I would like to meet you on Thursday 17 September 2020 during the first session about the Indirect Tax Flow Analyser.

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