Spain – tax measures in response to COVID-19


Spanish Government has approved Royal Decree Law 14/2020, of 14 April 2020, which establishes an automatic extension of deadlines in case of SMEs (whose turnover volume has not exceeded 600,000 € in 2019) for the filing and payment of all tax returns (including VAT returns) with a deadline between 15 April and 20 May.

Deadlines in case of all these tax returns will be extended up to next 20 May 2020.

Entities applying grouping schemes for CIT or VAT grouping will NOT be able to benefit from this measure irrespective of their turnover volumes.

This measure will NOT affect Customs Declarations ether.

In case of tax returns to be paid by taxpayers through direct debit the above mentioned deadlines as from 15 April will be extended up to 15 May only (not 20 May since direct debit obliges the tax Authorities to previously run verification on taxpayers’ bank accounts).

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