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Madrid in a state of emergency

We planned to go and see a flamenco performance and spend the rest of the evening drinking a good wine, eating tapas and just having a nice night out.

On our way to the theatre, we noticed that the streets were being barred and that there were police officers everywhere. Continue reading

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Spain – Intrastat System

Please be informed that Order HFP / 36/2018, of January 18, establishing certain provisions related to the Intrastat System in order to unify and adapt the national Intrastat to the EU’s regulations, entered into force on March 1, 2018. Continue reading

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Spain – New deferral import regime – application deadline till end of January 2015

PwC_Teetasse_ENThis new regime will allow tax payers who import goods into Spain to defer their VAT payments until they file their VAT return, rather than paying the VAT due at the same time as the customs duties. Additionally, the VAT credit will be accounted for at the same time. Continue reading

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Spain – New real-time VAT reporting system from 2017

People walking outside an office building - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_ 395.jpgAccording to a recent announcement, the Spanish tax authorities (STA) plan to introduce a real time VAT-reporting system as from 2017.

The new system requires large taxpayers to provide the STA with information about the invoices they issue and receive.

But what means “large taxpayers”? The current definition includes business with a yearly turnover exceeding EUR 6 Million as well as VAT groups and businesses using the monthly Spanish VAT refund regime (REDEME). Continue reading

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Fighting the tax fraud – Portugal/Spain – Exchange of tax information/Portugal/Espanha – Troca de informação fiscal

On 21 October 2013, Portugal and Spain signed agreements regarding the strengthening of mutual assistance and automatic exchange of information on tax matters. These aim at fighting tax fraud and evasion and the parallel economy. The signed agreements refer to several potential fraudulent situations, including: Continue reading

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Spain – obligation to communicate with the Tax Authority by electronic means

Based on Royal Decree 1363/2010 which recently entered into force companies registered for VAT in Spain will be obliged to receive electronically notifications/communications issued by the Spanish Tax Authorities via a special and unique Electronic Address (hereinafter DEU) that will be granted by the Tax Administration to each company established or registered for VAT in Spain. Continue reading

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Salary satisfaction

I had always been satisfied with my salary. To say this aloud might be dangerous. Maybe it is considered as missing aspiration for more.

I always adapted my needs to my financial possibilities. With such philosophy it’s just easier to live. With 16 when packaging newspapers during the holidays, with 17 when I worked at a petrol station, with 18 as ice cream seller, with 20 as skiing instructor, with 30 as tax adviser I thought my salary was great and I was satisfied. Continue reading