Life in times of Coronavirus II

Just last week I wrote about the same topic very lightly. The events seem to be coming up fast and I can hardly believe it. The news no longer comes daily, but hourly.

The border with Italy has been closed and the schools in Ticino have been closed. As of today, no European but the British can enter the USA. My clients send a lot of their employees home to work from home. The Czech Republic has closed its border to the Swiss. I am an only child. My mother is now sitting alone in Prague and is afraid. She is afraid that she might die and we will not see each other anymore, I will not be able to stroke her, she will not get a kiss anymore. I try to take away her fear but it is difficult. I can only take her in my arms over the phone line and comfort her that it is coming well. It’s a great luck that the phone and internet are working and maybe a curse at the same time, because the panic news and the mood of doom are spreading rapidly. I never thought that I would experience something like this. My mother has only one memory of World War II. She was a toddler and because of alarm about possible bombing they had to run to the basement. In the scrum, she tripped and fell down the stairs. She remembers sitting on the packed suitcase with bloody knees and tears in her eyes and her mother (my grandmother) comforting her that everything is going to be okay. Outside the sirens are wailing, inside the basement it stinks and it is damp. My grandmother managed to give my mother back her hope in much more difficult situations. Now it is my turn and I am confident that I will take her in my arms again physically, stroke her hands and she will not only get a kiss.

The majority of us have grown up in a society where we have always been able to choose from many options. We were hardly ever chosen. Now we seem to be determined by others, in an undertow that you can’t escape. This all sounds like a bad thing. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think we all have a chance to get through it together. We are a community and we should master the difficult situation as a community. When I read the latest figures on the new diseases from China, it seems that China has managed to slow down the spread of the disease very much, almost to stop it. China is slowly beginning to return to normality. I am convinced that we know that too. To build a “dam” and face the “waves” TOGEHTHER. We can all contribute to it and turn it around. It is in your hands and it needs all of us. I am convinced we will make it.

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