Thanks to my work I can visit places that I probably wouldn’t ever travel to in my free time. I think it is great, because that’s how you can discover things that you wouldn’t otherwise discover. I am sure, that nearly everyone knows the places Liverpool or Manchester. But let’s be real, who of you has ever heard of Chester?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time. It’s always like this when I’m travelling for work. In the past, I often didn’t even get the chance to even buy a small gift for my youngest. It’s not that I only treat him with material gifts. It is more like an apology that I’m gone again and that he has to fall asleep without me. Countless times I bought the small apology at the airport or the train station in Switzerland upon my return, because the time in the foreign city simply wasn’t enough.

Today, since the air connections weren’t great and I had to get up shortly after 4 a.m., I was on my way early in Chester and had 1.5 hours to get to know the city in a rush. It is a wonderful town in which there are many things to see. The houses in the old town are cute, imposing and impressive. But what completely blew my mind me was the cathedral. It was huge. I would have liked to have had the whole day to slowly walk from one inscription to the next and to marvel at the history that was breathing out of each stone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so but nevertheless I could read several inscriptions on the gravestones. It looked like it was a very healthy region because the people reached an honourable age. It wasn’t only the grave stones, there was also the connection to the East with Icons and a memorial plaque that showed that this cathedral isn’t reserved for just one group but represents a very welcoming society.

You cannot miss the memorial for the Czech pilots because there is an airplane aircraft propeller that hangs over it.  During World War 2 pilots flew many planes from the UK to help end the war. The garden in the middle is beautiful and to my surprise full of blossoming daffodils in January. What surprised me the most however, was the canteen that was also in the historical building. It was so monumental and impressive that I could barely remember another similarly awe-inspiring location such as this one where I had had my coffee.

In the end there was a wonderful shop with lots of small items. A paradise to buy for my smallest, meanwhile big one, a gift. A pencil sharpener in the shape of a knight, that’s the right thing. But unfortunately, I have spent my last cash for coffee. I’m embarrassed to pay small amounts with the credit card because I know that the business has to pay a commission. The sales person was nice but refused accepting my Amex. The fees were too high, it wasn’t worth it for business. I understand that and thankfully I remembered that I had a hidden Five Pound Note. It was enough and the knight marched into my bag.

I can very much recommend Chester as a destination. The people are very nice, the old town cute and the cathedral impressive. But there is more to see and I could really recommend the local pubs, where I could do local beer tasting in the evening. Just be careful, they serve the beer way too warm for my taste.  

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